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Sustainable Prototype

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Studio 804’s Sustainable Prototype is a collaboration with The 5.4.7 Arts Center in Greensburg, KS. The construction and delivery of The Sustainable Prototype was provided to the 5.4.7 Arts Center on the one year anniversary of the tornado that devastated Greensburg, Kansas. Although the building was developed for the long term use by the Arts Center, its immediate use as the first completed public facility serving as a beacon for the community and its ambitious rebuilding efforts was a motivating factor in its design.

LEED certification
Following the tornado, the Greensburg City Council passed a resolution requiring all publicly funded City buildings to be rebuilt to the
U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Platinum level of certification. Although the Arts Center is not built with public funds, Studio 804 feels strongly about supporting this decision and providing an example of the sustainable practices that can make this resolution a reality. On June 16th, the Sustainable Prototype became the first LEED Platinum building in the state of Kansas, as well as the first designed and built by students.

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