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Modular 3, constructed in the spring of 2006, is sited in the historic Strawberry Hill neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas.  Its lofted form is perched from the highest point in its local vicinity, offering magnificent views of the downtown Kansas City skyline through extensive floor-to-ceiling glazing.  The drama of the house's form and sitting is complemented by its cladding: strips of vertical grain Douglas Fir and corrugated aluminum along the soffit which, coupled with the bold lines composing the entry stair, showcase the resultant beauty of the intersection of strong form and subtle detail.

The interior spaces are flooded with light - never harsh and always diffused. As morning light is filtered through the tall trees on the east into the kitchen and living spaces, the dappled shading blurs the boundaries between inside and outside. This, along with a strong attention to simplicity and detail, displays a strong aptitude towards the traditions of Modernism.



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